Welcome to the Freelands of Rassilon, a world in recovery from the Blizzard War with winters becoming increasingly difficult, arcane powers become erratically dangerous, and the fires dwindling. In the crowded and dangerous streets of Aslov you find a flyer nailed to a post in the market square, calling for men and women of stout heart seeking adventure to travel a few miles north to a village called Dalsetter. The city of Aslov is overcrowded with refugees from the High Winterlands, food riots are breaking out, and crime on the rise; the prospect of honest work is appealing.

Two days later at the appointed time, you arrive at The Four Sheaves tavern in the village of Dalsetter. A look around the common room and you spot a group of four other travelers gathered…
Your adventure begins on the second Waescdaeg of Snaermonan, 499 IR in the middle of winter, and snow blankets the realm.

Hellfrost- EvilAllen

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