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Village of Dalsetter, pop 120.

notable establishments:

The Bakery, Horsa is the baker. Three sheds behind the baker’s storefront hold flour and other food stores.

Healer/Wise Woman, Eowyn Guthrunsdohtor is an herbalist.

Mayor’s office, Agdi Skulisunu is the mayor.

General Store, Rudwulf Torvinsunu runs the store with his wife and son. The town’s various craftsmen and gatherers have an assortment of shacks and pavilions set up behind the storefront proper. (Prices for available goods are 125% of normal value from the Hellfrost Player’s Guide)

The Four Sheaves Inn, Geruld Rudulfsunu is the proprietor. A small inn of little reknown. Much of it’s business comes in the fall, when merchants and farmers heading to and from Dunross pass through the village. The inn boasts a single private room, two twin rooms, and a sleeping area in the main bar. The bedrooms are poorly furnished, though each contains a fireplace and a stack of wood. Food and drink are palatable, though during winter there is little variety. Moldy cheese, dried meat, and weak vegetable broth, washed down with warm beer and thin wine is all there is to order.

Food and Drink prices (in silver): Cheap meal- 5, Pitcher of Beer- 2, Small Pitcher of Wine- 3.

Accommodations (in silver): Communal bar- 2, Shared room- 4, Private room- 8, Bath- 1, Stabling (with oats)- 5 per horse.

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